The Path to ZEN

Why Zen?


Our lives are filled with bumpy roads, hills, mountains, and dead ends. Yet, with the right guidance, confidence, and spirit, all of the elements and obstacles that stand in your way can be overcome. Zen Athletics was formed as a result of overcoming that same fear, anxiety, pain, and struggle that all we face every day. It was through our training and perseverance that lead us here.

Zen Athletics believes in the principals of Budo and our slogan, "Awaken Greatness", is based on the concepts of Zen Buddhism. In Zen Buddhist philosophy, practitioners strive tirelessly to reach a state of true awakening; a state in which the mind guides the body without thought. In this state, the warrior's true spirit can thrive, reacting intuitively and spontaneously to the challenges of life. Unbound by fear of the unknown, the awakened warrior has awareness of everything around and within them.

This is the ideal state of mind of an elite athlete. Thus, our mission is to encourage our you to strive for zen and awaken greatness!


What inspired ZEN?

Our motivation to begin Zen Athletics was a combination of passion and responsibility. As enthusiasts of healthy living and athletics, including martial arts, it was a passion project from day one.

Good-quality athletic equipment is not cheap. For some, the price of equipment can be a deciding factor over allowing yourself or your child to participate in an activity or compete in a tournament.

We grew tired of seeing our family and friends disappointed when they could not afford the necessary equipment to participate in the things they loved.

Thus, Zen Athletics was born.

We wanted to provide everyone with easy access to affordable, good-quality equipment options, and a brand that epitomized honor and integrity.

Family-owned and customer-focused, we are here to help you get what you need so you can focus on what is important. Awakening the greatness within!


Meet Team ZEN